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Game Boy Advance GBA Console Laminated Backlit IPS

Game Boy Advance GBA Console Laminated Backlit IPS

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USB-C Rechargable Battery Mod

This is a GameBoy Advance with a laminated, backlit display by Hispeedido. 

Backlit Screen by Hispeedido Features:

740x480 HD LCD resolution
Laminated LCD, so NO dust between the screen & lens
15 brightness levels (Tap bottom of the screen)
8 color options (Press and hold top part of screen)
4 pixel modes (Press and hold bottom part of screen)

NOTE: Since this backlight mod consumes more power than an original GBA display, we HIGHLY recommend upgrading to the USB-C rechargable battery mod by RetroSix.

USB-C Rechargable Battery Mod by RetroSix Features:
  • 6.3 watt rechargable lithium battery
  • Charges by USB-C 
  • Low battery indicator LED, giving 15-20 minute warning

Charging Instructions:

The below instructions come directly from

Charge at any time using a regular USB C cable, and even reverse charge the console from your phone if it supports power share. That means you can charge your GBA while you are out, using your phone battery.
Designed and tested in the UK by a reputable modder and builder, the RetroSix CleanJuice for GBA is the ultimate upgrade to your console.

Console only. Game and batteries not included. 

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WARNING: Improper charging or battery puncture can result in fire. You acknowledge and accept these risks, and you voluntarily choose to use the product with full knowledge of these potential hazards and release Vetro Gaming of any liability for all products and components sold by Vetro Gaming LLC. See full terms of service here

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Very satisfied with my purchase. Unbelievable quality, sweet design, fair price and fast shipping ! Thank you VG !