Meet the founder:
"Born in 2000, I was at the tail end of the Game Boy generation and grew up with the Nintendo DS family, so I was intrigued by the retro factor the Game Boys have. But I quickly realized that the displays on the earlier versions left plenty of room to be desired compared to the displays I had been used to growing up. And I know people who grew up with these classic consoles too are frustrated at not being able to get a kick of nostalgia unless their bedside lamp is on. I thought there has to be a way to make these consoles more playable today while keeping the nostalgic charm of the classic consoles, and that was my ticket into Game Boy modding. I learned as much as I could about backlighting, rechargeable batteries, improving the sound quality, and more. I wanted to share these experiences and upgrades with as many retro gaming enthusiasts as I could, which is why I started Vetro Gaming, a small business that enhances the retro video gaming experience through merging modern technology with late 80s' and 90s' Game Boys while preserving the nostalgic integrity of the classic consoles. My goal is to help gamers relive the magical moments of their childhood, but with a modern twist that makes the experience much more desirable today, and I hope to learn that I was able to play a part in enhancing your nostalgic experience as well!"