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Clear Blue Laminated Backlit Game Boy Color

Clear Blue Laminated Backlit Game Boy Color

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The physical feel of the original Game Boy Color paired with a beautiful, laminated, modern backlit display is the perfect combination for getting the right kick of nostalgia without the frustration of holding the game boy under a light to still only barely see the screen.

This Clear Blue Gameboy is equipped with a Q5 laminated backlight IPS display. 

Specs and Features: 

  • Screen is 25% larger than original
  • 10 levels of brightness
  • Saves brightness settings when powered off
  • Screen ratio is 1:1

Refurbishment Process:

  • Motherboard is thoroughly cleaned (and repaired if needed)
  • Modification kit is installed
  • Original motherboard is placed in a new shell with new buttons and new membranes
  • Console is thoroughly tested
Using the Backlight:
  • Tap top right of shell to toggle brightness
  • Tap top middle of shell to toggle color
  • Long press top middle of shell to toggle pixel grid
  • Press SEL + A + B to toggle ODS menu
Game cartridge and batteries not included
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